Project Reader SQL

Give access to Primavera projects to your entire organization without paying for expensive licenses!

Meet Project Reader SQL – designed by project managers for project managers.
If your company relies heavily on Oracle Primavera for project management, we’ve got just the software to make your life easier. Project Reader SQL is the affordable solution for sharing information with your entire team and all your stakeholders.

Why Choose Project Reader SQL?

  • Share access to real time Primavera Projects with your entire organisation
  • You can manage users in the native application and give access to the rest of your team
  • Available for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux
  • Affordable licensing plans
  • Highly customizable
  • User-friendly – anyone can use it with little to no training
  • Gain better control over your projects
  • No more wasted time – forget about emailing back and forth. With Project Reader SQL, your entire organisation can be easily kept in the loop with all the important developments in your project

Don’t take our word for it.

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Project Reader SQL Key Features

  • Manage users easily. Just a few clicks to give or take back access from any user.
  • Real-time updates and data. Forget about buggy version control options. Project Reader SQL gives real time access to any data for all the users.
  • Print and export to spreadsheet format.
  • Activities. Quick, at-a-glance overview of all your open project activities.

  • Resources management. At-a-glance view of all your resources, their structure and details.
  • WBS. Work Breakdown Structure of your project.
  • OBS. Organisational Breakdown Structure
  • Progress updates made easy. Send activity progress reports and updates to supervisors and stakeholders.

  • Assignments. Easily check resource allocation and information on costs.
  • Filtering. It’s never been easier to find and filter certain tasks.
  • Baseline comparisons. Compare the different versions of your project.
  • Highly customizable Gantt Chart

Project Reader SQL Has all the Features You Need. Nothing More, Nothing Less

Built with the input of project managers, Project Reader SQL for Oracle Primavera is designed to make your life easier. That’s why it’s user-friendly and that’s why it only has carefully selected features. No bulk, no “extras” that no one really uses.

Personalisation for Every User

Every user has a unique role in your project. That’s why each of them needs a unique view of the project. With Project Reader SQL, every user can re-arrange, customize and change colors of every project detail to fit their own needs. You can apply multiple criteria to any selection.

 Send Progress Updates

Eliminate the need for endless meetings and progress reports! With Project Reader SQL, all the users have the options to send progress reports and updates to stakeholders and supervisors with just a few clicks. You don’t need to check in every day. You’ll receive the updates as soon as they happen.

Baseline View

Compare up to four updated versions of your project. The powerful Gantt chart empowers you to see all the relevant changes at a glance.

Financial Reporting and Overview

At-a-glance view of how your financial resources are being spent over any period of time. Make comparisons, view changes and adjust financial resources allocations quickly and efficiently.

Filtering and Grouping

You choose what’s relevant! Large schedules can get confusing. But with the advanced filtering and grouping features in Project Reader SQL, you can view, sort and compare only the columns that are relevant to you at any given moment.

Activities View

This options allows you to see all the open activities in your project in a graphical, easy to understand manner. Change colors, customize and sort as you see fit!

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