Meet the democratization of data: Leverage your data to gain the competitive advantage you need.

A common myth in the tech space says that only “the big guns” get to leverage their impressive data silos and gain competitive advantage over their competitors through business intelligence.

Atlas is here to prove this myth wrong!

We believe that any company, irrespective of its size, can leverage its data to gain insights that help them plan better projects, campaigns and finances.

ETL, data warehousing, business intelligence, compatibility with key formats and unparalleled reports – all in your Atlas dashboard.

Who Needs Atlas?

  • Got data spread out on multiple storage units?
  • Is your data in different formats?
  • Does it take your staff ages to sift through tons of spreadsheets and reports?
  • Do you have do your data mining manually to gain insights into your project and your customers’ needs?
  • You aren’t sure that your data storage is 100% secure?
  • Do you have data files that haven’t been updated in ages?
  • Are you drowning in a lot of data that you can’t make sense of?
  • Is the flow of your data slowed down by time-consuming manual processes?
  • Do you want to follow up on a sales campaign in order to improve communication with prospects and lead conversion?
  • Do you send quotes based on intuition because you never got around to save the last chunk of actual project data?

If you answered “yes” to one or more of the questions above, then Atlas is ideal for your business. Read on to find out exactly what Atlas can do for you or sign up now to start capitalizing on your data.

How Does Atlas Work?

Atlas is a cloud-based data warehousing and business intelligence solution designed for medium and large companies.

It works as a plug-and-play service that works flawlessly from the minute you login to your account.

Forget about expensive development hours. Atlas requires no coding and no development on your part. Just login and you’re good to go!

With Atlas, you can bring data from across all your departments into a single place and gain valuable insights from combined reports.

Step 1: Add the data from your other databases

Step 2: Use one of our predefined cubes or create your own rewporting flo

Step 3: View and analyze aggregated data across all projects (e.g.: Finances, Risk, Portfolio Status). Export to PDF, XML and more

Why Choose Atlas?

  • ETL services included
  • Zero development effort on your part
  • Comprehensive business intelligence tool that can be used by anyone in your company, from marketing to project management, sales and accounting
  • Friendly pricing
  • Get unexpected patterns from data
  • Utilize and gain insights from ALL your data, even the files that human operators may deem irrelevant
  • Compare and compile countless data streams in numerous formats
  • Get business application from your production data easily
  • Get detailed real-time project status reports, with comments (e.g. Status Meetings, Risks)
  • Leverage historical data and miscellaneous analyses (e.g. Project Performance, Forecast Change and Remediation Plan)
  • Forget about out-of-date documents: when you update something in your Atlas account, it automatically updates your spreadsheets

Atlas supports: XER, JSON, EXCEL, ACCESS, CSV and MPP


Atlas Standard Atlas Enterprise
ETL drivers No Yes
Email support (Mon-Fri) Yes Yes
Dedicated 24/7 support (chat & phone) No Yes
BI drivers No Yes
MS Office, Power Pivot, Excel drivers No Yes
Secure cloud storage Yes Yes
Data quota 500 MB 5 TB
149 EUR/Month/User 259 EUR/Month/User

Need a customized package? We’re happy to assist!

Drop us a line and tell us more about your team and your needs.

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